Renewable Energy Production – We have several types of solar panels at the home to help visitors compare solar film to high-efficiency polycrystalline cells.  We have also lined our demonstration home’s south facing metal roof panels with solar film.  Under the metal roof we have a water/glycol solution flowing through an array of PEX-AL-PEX tubing to capture the heat from the roof and exchange it in a boiler – thus heating the home’s hot water. To enhance efficiencies further, the Farmstead home uses horizontal geothermal loops placed 6 ft deep, and also sunk in the nearby pond – both loops are coupled to a very efficient HVAC system.

Biomass to liquid fuel conversion technologies are rapidly improving with sugar and starch crops leading the way and cellulose conversion gaining strength.  In partnership with many,  the Farmstead program is helping the industry find cost-effective feedstock development, production, logistics, extraction and conversion solutions.

Two other sites in South Georgia using solar systems that you might want to explore are:

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                                       New Georgia Peanut Comission Headquarters in Tifton, Georgia.

                                                                    Net Zero Energy Building