Sound research is necessary to find solutions to society’s problems and education is essential for the adoption of any solutions found. We have designed this program to encourage and promote thought.  The general public, farmers, teachers, students, 4-H, FFA, can all learn from the real world examples presented in this program of how agricultural innovations are helping conserve and produce the energy, food, and fiber needs of many; while increasing our nations food and energy security.

For elementary, middle, and high school teachers as well as Young Scholars (high school students) 6 to 10 week project oriented summer internships are offered.  Support throughout the normal school year is also available to help aid teachers in transferring the knowledge acquired in the summer programs to their students. Learn more at STARS.

We also use the Energy Solutions for the Southeast conference held
in Tifton Georgia to build partnerships and exchange information relevant to renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities in the southeast.