Connecting the home, the farm, and the world requires the use of advanced internet-based communications, monitoring, and control systems. These systems are designed to improve human, natural resource, and energy effeciencies.  We believe the integration and use of these systems will actually help the home pay for itself and we believe this because of the following.

The systems help the farm family to use their time more wisely and allow for the displaying of data in ways that ease the decision making processes and save time.

The systems operate in the background; informing the family when something is out of order or a marketing opportunity exists.  Cameras with embedded switches enable remote monitoring and control–saving time and energy. The variable rate irrigation system monitors soil moisture conditions and adjusts automatically as it passes over the land– please click on the graphic. Equipment is serviced on time and equipment locations are provided via embedded GPS chips. The advanced farm management systems are available through a smart phone, tablet or computer using the farm’s local wireless network (intranet) or off-site via the internet.